Freaky Grasshopper

Freaky Grasshopper (Oh Yes You Can!)

Makshikanigasana (Literally Dragonfly Pose … we call it Grasshopper Pose because it looks like a grasshopper) is one of those impossible looking poses which is easier than it looks. Like all arm balances Chaturanga is the key element. I frequently tell my students that all arm balances are simply Chaturanga with your legs in a crazy position. You can do this! You will need to work on a few things in order to get your body prepared for the pose.

Open the hips with Sirsa Angustasana (Head to Big Toe Pose).


Half Pigeon Pose will also be helpful in opening the Piriformis muscle.

Once your Chaturanga has made you strong enough to hold yourself up and your hips are open enough the next step is to figure out how to get into this crazy position.



As you can see with just a little hard work you can be in this amazing pose in no time at all. Don’t give up until you get it and if you need help feel free to contact us or come by the studio for some hands on correction at –  UpDog Yoga Centers